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Residential Window Washing

We understand there are many window cleaners to choose from in the Eastern Iowa area, but we guarantee that we are the best available. We are competitive in price and thorough in service. Each window washer has undergone extensive training on window cleaning techniques and utilizes safe cleaning practices. We follow-up on your satisfaction after every service to ensure that the service performed exceeded your expectations. At All Clear, we are firm believers in outstanding service, from the first call to the last window cleaned!


  1. We start by removing all screens
  2. We hand wash both sides of your screens with a soft bristle brush and set them aside to dry
  3. We begin cleaning the outside of your windows first, using a soft brush and a concentrated window solution to make your windows sparkle
  4. After washing we use a squeegee to remove all water and towel dry all edges and corners to ensure window is fully dry and streak free
  5. Once the outside is completed we move our operation inside and repeat our process
  6. Once inside we clean all window tracks (those tough to reach places where bugs and dirt collect) and window sills
  7. Next we replace all of your screens and do a walk through of your home to ensure windows are exemplary and all furniture is back to its original position

Debating whether to DIY or call in a window cleaner? Here are some tips to help you make up your min

Debating whether to DIY or call in a window cleaner? Here are some tips to help you make up your mind. Clean windows can make your home brighter and improve its overall appearance. A professional window cleaning can also provide an early warning of potentially dangerous problems.

Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning service to keep your windows sparkling and functional.

1. Saving time

2. Spotting general problems

3. Removing insect infestations

4. Extending the life of a window

5. Providing the right window cleaning supplies and tools

6. Finding the cause of spots on your windows


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